Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make gluten-free or dairy-free cookies?

Unfortunately the cookie recipe can not be substituted with other products to accommodate a specific diet. The cookie base ingredients are flour, sugar, vanilla extract, butter and eggs. The icing has merengue powder, confectioners sugar, water and food coloring. If there are any other allergies please feel free to message me.

How do I know when my order has shipped out?

Once the order has shipped, you will receive an email with the USPS Priority Mail tracking number.

Do you accept returns or refunds?

Unfortunately due to our products being edible we are unable to accept any returns or refunds. Refunds can be made with advance notice, as long as the cookies have not yet been baked and decorated.

How can I purchase cookies from your store?

Cookie purchases can be made through messaging me through our website or on our Etsy Shop at

How will the cookies arrive?

The cookies will arrive packaged in bubble wrap, a bakery box and then placed in to a shipping box. They will be individually wrapped in clear cello bags and tied with a matching curled ribbon.

How big are the cookies?

Each round cookie is approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. Based off various shape designs they may range from 3-4 inches in length.

Are there any type of nuts in the cookies?

There are no peanuts, tree nuts, or coconuts in the cookie or icing recipe. I do have nuts in my pantry however I do not bake or cook with them. If there are any other allergies not listed here please feel free to message me.

What type of cookies do you make?

The cookie base is a sugar cookie and decorated with a merengue icing.

How much do the cookies cost?

My handcrafted designed cookies are currently priced at $2.75 each or $33.00/dozen. The edible image cookies are $3.25 each or $39.00/dozen. There is an additional shipping charge based off location and how many cookies are purchased. I require a minimum of 12 cookies per order.

Is there a limit on the amount of photos I can choose for the edible images?

For each dozen of edible image cookies ordered you may choose a maximum of 3 photos. Please keep in mind that each photo will be edited and resized to fit the cookie, so any up close images may be cropped to some extent.

Can I customize the color or name on the cookie?

Yes, each cookie can be customized to your preference of color choice and inscribed with an age, name or saying. Please keep inscriptions to a minimum as I can not fit long phrases due to cookie size.